Upcoming Actions


CLDC 20th Anniversary Party!

June 17th 2023
Dorris Ranch in Springfield, OR
5-10pm $30-$100 tickets
Food & Beverages Served


June 20 Comment Deadline!

We wanted to share these exciting opportunities to submit official public comments to the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management calling for a new national rule that would permanently protect mature and old-growth forests on federal public lands. This blog post gives an excellent overview of what the recent announcements from the agencies mean for our forests. This is an all-hands-on-deck opportunity to take proactive action for our forests and ensure our oldest forests remain standing for future generations. 

Whether you care more about protecting forests for their benefits to the climate, clean water, wildlife, because they have value in their own right, or all of the above – your voice matters in this process! Let’s show the White House there is widespread support for letting these trees grow. The deadline to submit comments is June 20th!

Opportunities to get involved:
Submit your own public comment online LINK HERE. This Mini Toolkit can be used and shared widely to help draft your written or verbal comment

How to make public comments.
Partner Toolkit


Here’s the list of actions & events happening as part of the Week of Action (more coming soon)!

June 24: Timber sale walk in Clallam County with Center for Responsible Forestry
June 24: Benefit show in Portland in solidarity with the Defend the Atlanta Forest movement
June 24 (through July 2) Timber Sale Surveying with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project in Eastern Oregon
June 25: (through July 2): Ground Truthing campout with Bark on Mt Hood
June 26: Coordinated banners happening across the region!
June 26: Rally & Celebration for Old Growth & Mature Forests in Medford
June 26: Online Comment Writing Workshop with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
June 27: Divest from Wall St Forestry event in Cottage Grove
June 27: Climate Forests Campaign Pint Night in Eugene
June 28: Rumble on the River Community Forum in Portland
June 28: Divest from Wall St Forestry event in Albany
June 29: Climate Resilience Pedalpalooza bike ride in Portland
July 1: Wetlands Volunteer Day on Mt Hood with Bark 
July 2: Letters to the Forest in Portland with Bark 

Can you attend events happening near you, and help spread the word about them? There’s more details about the events and calendar of everything happening as part of the Week of Action on the Alliance website. Check it out at https://www.forestclimatealliance.org/weekofaction and help us get the word out about all these actions and events!


Worried about Wall St. and greenwashing taking over our forests?  Learn about, get ready to PROTEST, the “Who will own the Forest” (World Forestry Center’s Signature Timberland Investing) Conference taking place on September 26-28th, 2023.

If you want to help imagine what such a protest might look like – and then make it happen – contact 350PDX Forest/Climate Manager, Brenna Bell, at [email protected]